All About the Importance of Whole-Body Vibration Exercises for Circulation

All About the Importance of Whole-Body Vibration Exercises for Circulation

People who are spending maximum hours sitting usually cause circulation problems or peripheral vascular diseases. Sometimes it is caused by fatty substances accumulated on the walls of the blood vessels present in the leg. People who are having these problems can get some relief by making some changes in their lifestyle. Change in a diet and exercising regularly can help restore blood flow.

People having trouble exercising due to certain ailments or some problems have an alternative option for this physical activity and that is a whole-body vibration exercise. Lifetime Vibe brings to you the best of whole-body vibrating machines which can work like any other physical activity. You will find many consumers who have used it, finding this machine very helpful and comfortable to use.


How can WBV be helpful for circulation?

Physical activity in any form is very important for proper blood circulation because this will in turn help the muscles to contract and further cause the smooth muscles found in the walls of the blood vessels to contract. These muscle contractions are equally important just like the heart works.

The WBV machine works similarly to any other physical exercise. They may help with muscle contractions and support blood and lymph circulation. According to a study, it is said that WBV training is safe for diabetic patients too as it improves the blood flow in the lower body, thus lowering the chances of leg ulcers or any other complications.

There is something called hyperglycemia which affects the composition of blood as well as cell oxygenation. This ultimately reduces the chances of blood circulation and nerve ischemia. So, people who are suffering from diabetes often have these circulation problems which makes it difficult for them to practice cardio or any strengthening exercises. However, Whole Body Vibration helps them to strengthen the lower limbs with lesser side effects.

In cases of musculoskeletal injuries, an athletic trainer should know the damage caused by lack of oxygen. Ischemia, which is caused due to lack of oxygen, results in a decreased amount of energy. This is because oxygen is very important as a final electron acceptor and the lack of it can lead to the death of the cells and ultimately causes necrosis. Here WBV can work better as it will increase the blood flow or oxygenation. Thus, it works as a therapeutic intervention to increase the blood flow.

WBV is beneficial for your upper body too. It can help to increase the blood flow in the arms.



WBV is helpful for improving blood circulation, improving oxygen, and treating injuries. More research should be done to continue understanding  the varying impacts of different vibration speeds and frequencies.




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