<strong>Experience Different Flavour of IQOS Heets to Enjoy a Wonderful and Aromatic Smoke </strong>

Experience Different Flavour of IQOS Heets to Enjoy a Wonderful and Aromatic Smoke 

Heets are specially constructed tobacco products that include tobacco material and several different filter sections. In some regions, Heets are also marketed as Heat sticks. The heated tobacco devices are only intended to be used with a specifically controlled heating unit that is marketed under the brand name IQOS.

Heet comprises of: 

  • A tobacco plug
  • Polymer-film filter
  • Hollow acetate tube
  • Cellulose-acetate filter mouthpiece
  • Mouth-end and outer papers 

High-quality tobaccos from certain types and origins are combined to create heated tobacco products. To manufacture Heets, these tobaccos are ground to create the right mixture and reconstituted into a tobacco sheet.

Buying Heets is simple. You can go to any online store and buy a single pack or a carton. The product will be delivered to your doorstep. Since it is now also approved by the FDA, it is easily available in many retail stores. 

You can buy Heets from Heated products. they sell anywhere in the world except in Oceania and Australia. They have a wide range of no-heat e-cigarette devices. It is easy to buy from them and they charge an affordable price. The only catch is the various flavours that they keep. It is difficult to decide which flavour will satisfy a smoker. 

Here is the list of flavours that are available in IQOS Heets usa

Amber Heets 

The tobacco flavour is most prominent in Heets Amber. The smell from it is greater than of other brands. You can recommend it to folks who try to start smoking IQOS after normal cigarettes together with all its positive traits like strength and taste because at first glance lighter sticks seem too synthetic.

Yellow Heets 

Yellow Heets is a less dense version of amber. Even if you could enjoy Amber, you might want to try something more light-hearted. There are the classy Yellow label IQOS Heets sticks for smokers like you. The flavour nicely complements your sophisticated smoking preferences.

Turquoise Heets 

Some smokers don’t particularly enjoy the heaviness of strong tastes. They need a smoother. It makes sense to choose the Turquoise label for smokers like them. The label would always provide smoking premium IQOS Heets sticks that were free-flowing and slick.

Bronze Heets 

Do you still need to design your smoke to have a woody flavour after using IQOS products? If the answer is yes, the bronze Heets stick is the right choice for you. You’ll get a sophisticated chocolate flavour with a hint of woodiness in this category. 

Purple Heets 

A Purple pack of Heets smells strongly like berries. It has a strong mint and currant aroma. The design is balanced and appealing. Overall, the most effective because it isn’t as minty and strong on the tobacco and is not perfumed at all.

Green Zing Heets

Try using citrus-flavoured Heets sticks to get a distinct, lemony sensation. When you smoke the Green zing label, you’ll be able to feel it.

Teak Heets

It is a reasonable, velvety-noted blend of simmering tobacco. Teak Heets’ distinctive nutty aroma gives customers a powerful tobacco experience with an unparalleled flavour.

The list will keep increasing as IQOS adds more flavour to it. However, these current flavours are enough to satisfy a smoker. 


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