Are Organic Infant Formulas Truly the Healthiest?

Are Organic Infant Formulas Truly the Healthiest?

With time, people have started paying more attention to the ingredients and contents of their food. This is the reason why more and more companies are now offering organic food products. Also, several companies have launched Organic baby formula as well.

Parents who choose to feed their babies organic formula are doing so because they think it’s the best option. Well, organic baby formulas are made using cow, goat, or soy milk (just like normal baby formula). However, the important difference is, it does not contain traces of pesticides and harmful chemicals, and this makes them a better choice over normal formulas.

Then again, when you are out to buy baby food, you must pay a lot of attention to what you are buying instead of simply picking something that says ‘Organic’. After all, the term ‘organic’ does not mean the product is all-natural, and not all organic baby formulas are as good as Organic’s Best baby formulas.

What does the term ‘organic’ mean?

In simple words, organic means natural. Usually, foods that are labeled organic are developed without-bio or mechanical farming. However, there are different types of organic labels and it is important to understand them if you wish to buy something truly organic and healthy.

  1. ‘100 percent organic’:

These products are the safest since they are developed using 100% organic ingredients.

  1. ‘Organic’:

These products are made using 95% organic ingredients, except water and salt. Only 5% of other ingredients can be used, that too if organic ingredients are not available.

  1. ‘Made with organic ___’:

The products are organic, but only contain 70% of organic ingredients. They usually, highlight the organic ingredients present in the product.

So, you see, there are different organic labels, and all of them have different meaning. However, the trick is, no organic label describes what nutrients the product exactly contains. Therefore, to ensure your baby is getting the healthiest food, you must read the list of ingredients thoroughly.

How to pick the healthiest infant formula?

 Read the labels:

Labels will usually tell you everything. So, if you need specific ingredients in your baby food, read the label and check for yourself. For instance, if you want to avoid DHA and ARA, simply buy a product that doesn’t include them.

Clear all your doubts:

If you have any specific concerns, it is best if you contact the manufacturer directly. The thing is, companies that produce organic infant formulas tend to change their formulations frequently. So, if you have any doubts, simply contact their customer care executive.

Don’t neglect the packaging quality:

You want to avoid products that are packed in bottles containing BPA. Also, avoid PVC and phthalates.

Lastly, you are sure to find organic baby formulas more expensive compared to normal infant formulas. However, keep in mind, organic formulas are expensive for a reason. The production process for organic formula is strict and thorough, and even the ingredients are more expensive. So, when it is about giving the best to your child, don’t just let the price point be a deciding factor.


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