Funny Costume Ideas To Enjoy This Halloween

Funny Costume Ideas To Enjoy This Halloween

Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st. On this day, people enjoy Halloween costume parties and other themes of activities related to ghosts, Dracula, witches etc., Children love to dress up in Halloween costume and go door-to-door in neighborhood to collect sweets.

For this Halloween, why not make everyone giggle and make the whole party a hilarious one instead of dressing up in usual scary costume? Read on to get some ideas on funny Halloween costumes that will make you popular in the party.

Sumo Wrestlers

Get the inflatable sumo wrestlers costume for you and your partner too. You can also buy kid’s friendly wrestler costume for your kid.  Dressed up in this costume, you can fight your friend or dance with your family and make your Halloween party an unforgettable one.

Punny Woodchuck

Though this costume gives you simple attire, you can make everyone laugh by playing the popular tongue-twister about the Woodchuck.

Sulley And Boo

With some fur you can easily make Sulley and Boo costume if you are a crafty person. You are sure to be fan favorites on this Halloween day.

Avocado Toast Costume

Bothered about how to dress up since you are pregnant? Enjoy your Halloween party with DIY avocado toast costume make everyone smile with your super creative idea. Make a toast costume for your partner and complete the look.

80’s Outfits

What about going to Halloween party as a 1980’s babe? Those looks are really fun and easy to DIY. With some funky tights, neon track suits, big hair, crop tops and pair them with the funky accessories you can find. Make your party a fun filled one with these funny Halloween costumes.

Taco Costume

If you love Mexican food, why not give a try to taco costume to prove your love for the food this Halloween? Try hot sauce and tacos for a taco family. You can also buy taco pet costume for your pet!

Mommy And Me

Mommy and me costumes will be a sweet idea for this Halloween. Birds of a feather costumes are easy to make with some feathers and fabric glue. You can make one for your cute one and yourself quickly. Just remember to make it safe when you make one for your baby.

Pickle Costume

If you love pickle, trying costumes inspired by pickles is going to be the best idea to show your love for it. You can dress up your partner as a sandwich so that you become the best complement as a pickle. These costumes are really so easy to put together.

Bob Ross Costume

If you are inspired by Bob Ross, have fun and make others happy with Bob Ross costume. It may include a lot of painting, but it’s worth the efforts and you will be the attraction in the Halloween party.

Raining Men Costume

Just gather up the cutouts of your favorite heartthrobs and make this absolutely easy raining men costume for this Halloween. Attach the cut outs to the umbrella and dress up with trench coat and rain boots and you are ready to go!


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