What Makes Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Beneficial For the Environment?

What Makes Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Beneficial For the Environment?

One of the major advantages of reusable grocery bags is its eco-friendly nature. They are a safe substitute for plastic bags that are banned by the government of several nations. Customized reusable bags are made with natural materials that include cotton, paper, hemp, and other forms of nonwoven polypropylene.

Let us look more about the eco-friendly nature of these shopping bags.

Why are plastic bags not good for the environment?

The world is near to destruction under unending heaps of plastic bags. It is very important to take quick action to prevent any further destruction to the people as well as the environment. As per the Environmental Protection Agency, the people in the US use more than 380 billion plastic wraps and bags each year.

The industry requires close to twelve million barrels of oil, and large amounts of electricity, water, and more to produce this huge number of plastic bags. Looking at the great damage that plastic bags have done to our water bodies, and wastage of natural resources in their preparation, the need for an eco-friendly substitute to plastic bags has arised.

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How much do reusable grocery bags impact the environment?

Bags made from cotton or canvas is more resilient to damage and is also washable. In this way, you can reuse them when their lifecycle comes to an end.

Reusable bags have a low impact on the environment when we reuse them regularly. If we purchase a canvas or cotton tote bag for shopping needs, and use it once and keep it the cabinet, then its impact is the same as that of a plastic bag.

How to use reusable bags to reap its eco-friendly benefits?

For a reusable bag like a canvas or a cotton shopping bag to be environmentally friendly, you need to use them often. We must follow the below guidelines:

  • Buy some reusable shopping bags in cotton or canvas in varying shapes, types, and sizes, to choose from. Use them every time you go for a grocery bag. In this way, you will reduce the chances of buying a plastic bag outside.
  • Have canvas shopping bags in different sizes, so that you can use them based on your grocery shopping.
  • You can also use recycled paper bags when shopping for lighter items. They are biodegradable and easy to compost. They have a high afterlife too.


Plastic bags choke the water bodies such as the oceans, and lands and stay there for several years. This becomes very important to find substitutes to safeguard wildlife, ecosystems, and the people.

Customized reusable bags such as nonwoven polypropylene bags and canvas bags do not cause harm to nature. They are the eco-conscious and smart choice for people over plastic bags that results in oceanic trash patches or landfills.


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