3 Effective Yoga Exercise To Have A Good Night Sleep

3 Effective Yoga Exercise To Have A Good Night Sleep

Are you one of them who lie in their bed awake for long hours, trying to calm your mind from worries that are haunting you? Well, the you are victim of sleeping disorder. The good news is that you are not the only one, there are numerous people suffering from sleeping disorder. According to reports, around 6-10% of adult population is suffering from insomnia. There are various ways in which insomnia manifests itself, such as:

  • Lack of quality sleep
  • Fatigue, mood swings and lack of concentration
  • Difficulty to sleep

According to The National Institutes of Health around 70 million American are suffering from the problem of intermittent sleep and chronic sleep disorders.

Insomnia is even related to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and depression. The Institute of Medicine estimated that Americans spends hundreds of billion dollars yearly on medical. This includes hospital services, doctor visit, sleeping medication etc.


Do you know the most common cause behind the sleeping disorders? Stress is the answer. Make a difference in your life through yoga. A restorative yoga helps in calming your mind and release tension.

Here are four effective yoga poses to have a Good Night Sleep.


It is one of the most beneficial pose for relieving stress. It is commonly considered as the beginning and ending pose.

  • Lie down with feets apart and armed relaxed.
  • Keep your shoulders away from ears and chin tucked in. People who are suffering from lower back pain can keep cushion under the knees. Bring your focus to the breathing, observing your inhalation and exhalation.


It is an excellent breathing exercise to balance both the sides of your brain and calming down your thoughts.

  • Begin with sitting comfortably and your left hand in Chin Mudra ( tip of index and thumb finger touching).
  • Now your right hand in the Vishnu Mudra ( bending middle and index finger).
  • Place your right hand thumb on the right nostril and breathe through left for four counts.
  • Both the nostrils are need to be closed using right ring finger and right thumb for eight counts.
  • Release your thumb and breathe through right nostril till eight counts.
  • Use right nostril to inhale till the count of four.
  • Close both the nostrils and hold your breathe till eight counts.
  • Exhale through your left nostril, count till eight.

This together makes it one round. Keep on repeating this exercise for five minutes. After you get comfortable with this ratio, start holding your breathe for 16 counts.


This yoga pose helps in calming and relaxing your nerves.

  • Sit in a diamond pose with back straight
  • Bend forward keeping your hips on knees.
  • Let your arms relax by your side and face the palms of your hand upward.

Make sure that your hips are resting on heels and head on the floor. If required, then you can place a cushion in between your heels and hips. Make sure you are comfortable while performing this aasaan. With every single exhalation let go of all the tension.

Performing these yoga position prior going to bed can have a positive effect in your sleeping pattern. It is recommended to develop a bedtime routine for dealing with sleeping problems. This helps in calming down and conditioning your mind and body to have a good sleep. Make a note that the above discussed yoga sequences are suited for people of every age . You can play music or some essential oil while performing the poses. There are very yoga teacher training in India because of the increasing demand. These yoga poses will help you in avoiding distraction and relieving tension by bringing complete focus to your inhalation and exhalation process.


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